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Drew Peterson Hearsay Arguments Today

Finally, after long anticipation the hearsay arguments are here. While Drew Peterson need not be present in the court room today, this case is a high-profile one and the interest spans those who have had brushes with domestic violence, or have been victim of murder and th media. It will be argued by the defense that this evidence is prejudicial and that it should not be allowed due to its unconstitutionality. But at this point in time the Illinois Appellate Court,  in an effort to be transparent, will broadcast live via the internet and tv feed.

This will be groundbreaking and historical in the State of Illinois. The Third District Appellate Court will let us see the inside of the arguments, of which is extremely rare. While this is not the criminal case being tried itself, the prosecutors are there to bring forth an effort to have at least 13 hearsay statements included  in the criminal trial of Drew Peterson.

Peterson is 57 years old and is currently being held and is charged with killing his third wife Kathleen Savio in 2004, and while he is a person of interest/suspect in his fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappearance, he has not currently been charged in any way regarding that case. Drew Peterson is in the Will County Jail in lieu of a $20 million dollar bail.

More on this story as the proceedings develop.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Drama with Drew Peterson Part II

The ongoing saga of Drew with the new girl continues. Christina Raines, 23 yrs. old is said to be not only engaged to the slug, but apparently close to moving in with him!  The boyfriend, (or ex-boyfriend) named Mike along with her father Ernie Raines is said to be furious! This past week Drew Peterson, 54 yrs. old, and former Bolingbrook Police Officer, filed an official complaint with the BolingbrookPolice Department saying that Mike,ex-boyfriend of Christina Raines,  (last name unprinted) was stalking him and coming to his house! And also said in so many words that “he is going loony over this!”

I’d have to say we are all going loony over this! I wish that there was some way that Ms Raines could be stopped, but there isn’t. She is 23 yrs. old and is considered an adult. Not only that she will be bringing her children into the situation as well. I do not know why this girl has no fear of a man that currently is married and his wife is missing; and he is a person of interest in that case, and then of course with the case of the other ex-wife being exhumed from her grave and re autopsied and declared homicide and he is a suspect in that case! What must this man be doing to entrap these young women?

Abusers are known for their charm! It’s like a switch that they can turn on and off! But imagine now for a minute how Peterson feels being stalked by this guy!  It must be only one tenth the amount of fear that the former women  in his life felt! I hope that he does get some of his own medicine back in the end. It would be great for him to feel what type of abuse he cast on others.

And certainly not that I promote vigilantism, but eventually someone may come up to Ms Raines with a great big giant fish story. It may go something like this: Ms Raines, we just don’t know what to say but it looks like Mr. Peterson took off with someone else. He ran away with another! So sorry.

I really hope that this girl does not get hurt in the end. Drew Peterson and his low-life lawyers may be whipping up a scheme to make him look like the guy next door. And who wouldn’t like the guy next door? Right?  So I don’t think any of this is for love (or lust for Drew), I’m pretty sure this a legal move to help him obtain a divorce from Stacy Peterson in the long run.

Tonight the local TV NBC will be running an interview called “A day in the life of Drew Peterson”, showing him doing the mundane tasks that we all do. Why in the world are they  running that? Did “his” people arrange this?  In yet another attempt to say look how nice I am? We all have it figured out. Ms Raines please watch your back, and have an escape plan ready, because that guy next door is a psychopath!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo