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A Little Bit of Something

So much to bitch about and there’s so little time!

The holiday’s are coming, so I’m sure my ire will be elevated, and I’ll be willing to bet that yours will be too!  After all, it’s time to hit the stores to buy food,(and booze) and presents and more food and way more (booze) (notice how I’m trying to whisper in parenthesis?) Anyway, a certain amount of the bah hum bugs happens because there are people out and about that barely ever come out of their houses to do much of anything, let alone to shop for kids presents or food for a family gathering. That means the couch potato has left its nest, and that could be an ugly thing.

So once you step over the door threshold and step into a midnight sale or a holiday deep discount two for one thingy, remember shopping basket road rage is a definite thing! And if you can get a jolly at all~  remember there’s actually  people out with their morning jammies and slippers on! This is great for a laugh or ten, or perhaps an istagram post or two. Have fun shopping and hanging out, but mostly remember the looks on their faces knowing you tirelessly shopped, picked out and tailored a gift for them!!

Haha to be continued….

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a Conversationaltone.


Palin on SNL !

Palin was in the house! Sarah Palin, if you already didn’t hear, was on SNL over the weekend. She did several spots on the show and was part of the opening feature.

Sarah Palin got to say the infamous line “live from New York, its Saturday night live!”

I thought she was a good sport and did quite well on the show. She allowed them to make fun out of her. Alec Baldwin called her Caribou Barbie, when she  said that Steven Baldwin was her favorite out of the Baldwin brothers. She was cute and she was funny.

But will it garner votes? Probably a few will have liked her acting and a few will have jumped on to her bandwagon, but I still think more than not that people probably will still want to judge her on her abilities and not on acting prowess. She was good as she waved her hands in the air, like she just don’t care.

Let us continue to juge her on the abilites that she presents and not if she can dance and wrap. Let’s hope that she can face the issues that arrise on a regular basis.

So get out and cast a vote on election day. It is important that you validate your privillage to  vote. If you don’t do it for yourself do it for the little ones in your life.