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Responsible Blogging ?!

Today I’m taking time to write a post on responsible blogging! I was personally turned off by the story that broke about a local Illinois blogger. I’m speaking about Beccah Beushausen, the hoax blogger!  In the article that was reported on by the Chicago Tribune, /Friday, June 12, 2009- it states that along side the picture of Beccah was a caption that says “I know what I did was wrong-I’m sorry because people were so emotionally involved”

In this story, this girl ran a blog for many months saying that she was pregnant and the baby that she was carrying was going to be born terminally ill! She kept this up and word spread! People gave her donations, made t-shirts, and held vigils; along with  large organizations that supported the right to life began praying and continued to pass along the information. People felt sad and wanted so much to help this mother in distress known only as April’s Mom. Then she claimed she had given birth only to have her baby die only hours later!

This was all made-up! There was not one ounce of truth to anything Ms. Beushausen said!

Enter wordpress community-enter any blogger for that matter.  Writers, your outcry should show. As a writer I will bend over backward to make sure what I am posting for all of the world to read is true!  Sadly, there are a lot of you out there, whose blog is built on the backs of others writing. Who actually take snippets of others writing and post them as their own!  Frauds beware!  I’ll be looking for you.

I want my writing to inspire people, make them come back and read more, I’d like my writing to act like a conversation; it’s light and never dry. I want my writing to make people think, feel ,and maybe even sway their view of something.  But mostly when someone comes to my site to read my commentary, I want them to feel like I have given some small insight into something that is in the news. I want them to feel that they just read something of value, current, and insightful.

I hope that I will never run into the likes of the cheaters, stealers, and liars. To play with peoples’ emotions is just a crime! As Ms. Beushausen recants and tells how her writing got out of hand when the hits kept coming, she apparently got so stressed out that she had to be hospitalized! Too bad for her. Shame is really what she should feel. She plans to make a final blog posting in which she will apologize to everyone she has hurt in any way!

What a shame for such a talented writer to have done the unthinkable, lie! Writing is about creativity. And being creative she was, so much so that she even received money for all that great writing-too bad it wasn’t written down in the pages of a fictional story entitled:

Aprils’ Mom is a figment of Beccah Beushausen’s mind!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


Casey Anthony-Says She Is The Victim!

Those just recently released tapes that have never been seen before just showed a little more of the real Casey Anthony. Pulling a little puss face and pouting like a brat with her parents in August!

Poor, poor Casey she spent the whole day under her covers. Casey says she needs to be looked at as, as much of a victim as the rest of you! (Caylee isn’t ever mentioned at all as usual, except when she claims she just wants her home blah, blah, blah, blah…..same stuff; different day!)  These tapes once again show George and Cindy Anthony’s relationship together with Casey. It seems again that they are handling her with kid gloves afraid to get her mad- because after all she did threaten her mom that “I’m going to hang up and just leave!” As she gets mad at Cindy she also clenches her fist, because she did not like her mother’s line of questioning!

Casey continues on stating that no one is letting her speak. And that she is so frustrated with all of this- she can’t even swallow! She complains that police wouldn’t listen- she only had 24 hrs. before they put her in jail! She cannot do anything  from where’s she’s at! And everyone wants answers!

Meanwhile Jose Baez continues to amaze us all! It appears that an unknown person/or persons went to the prosecution with a complaint against Jose Baez. The rumor is that this complaintant is making known that Baez is possibly making some type of entertainment deal! This deal will also be contingent on what takes place in the trial!  This would be a complete conflict of interest- clearly! He will have violated ethical cannon!  Good work Baez- I knew you’d manage to mess this up!

In other news, it also appears that Baez will be asking for the change of venue! He has filed no papers as of yet. It has also been reported that Jose Baez will be picking a town that does not have respect for law enforcement or where its citizens do not trust law enforcement!

Good luck to you Mr.  Baez and your team, you may find a town to change the venue to but, I cannot believe that that a jury will not see your client as nothing more than a cold-hearted, psychopathic liar who isn’t worthy of anything less than the  death penalty!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drama With Drew Peterson

As usual drama surrounds Drew Peterson as always.  Drew Peterson insists that he is engaged to Christina Raines, (23) of Chicago. Now comes her family who say that he is a dreamer and is not engaged to her. She currently has a boyfriend with whom she is living with.  Peterson says that she has long broken her relationship with the other guy, they are residing together because of their lease on their residence. Peterson claims that they are engaged and the the rest of the world is trying to break us up and keep us apart! 

Drew Peterson claims he is having a nice relationship with her and that they both have kids and they play together. Ms Raines has two children.   Mr. Ernie Raines, Christina’s father is furious! He feels that she had turned Drew away, and rebuked  his advances and he is trying to ruin her good name, and drag any ounce of integritiy that she may have threw the mud!

The Raines family members are acquaintances of Drew Peterson. Mr. Peterson frequents a restaurant that both Christina and her boyfriend Mike  work at. Ms. Raines boyfriend has been in Peterson’s company; they have been hanging out together. Mr. Ernie Raines said he has warned his daughter to stay away from the likes of Peterson. He feels his daughter is naive and considers her venerable. He thinks that Drew Peterson is telling his daughter all kinds of stories just to win her over. Cousins of Christina Raines say that they feel that their cousin may be saying one thing to them and telling Drew Peterson something else.

None the less, isn’t this what abusers do?  Tell stories, and lie so they can get what they want? And then take over full control of a person?  No matter what, Mr. Peterson is far too old for a young girl who would be better off with a man near her own age.

It appears to me that Drew Peterson’s history precedes him and doesn’t history repeat itself? In his case it does! If I were her and her family, I’d make sure you all run the other direction. Ms. Raines does not need to be another sad statistic!

Just my thoughts just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Vigil For Stacy

On October 28, 2008 Stacy Peterson has gone missing for one full year! On a very cold night about 100 people vowed in silence to remember a friend,loved one,grandchild, niece, and aunt. In what was a short distance,the marchers went from Kathleen Savio old home to Stacy Peterson’s last residence; in which Drew Peterson and the children still live. The final vigil stop was at next door neighbors’ home. Where a tribute garden has been set up in the front yard with potted flowers and pictures.

The former Police sgt. Drew Peterson is considered the sole suspect in her disappearance. And this investigation then led officers to open the case of Kathleen Savio Peterson’s now deceased  3rd wife. And they have now ruled that a homicide.

Drew would not make a comment about the vigil nor did he attend it. He did however, appear on the Today show where he was interviewed by Matt Lauer. And in that interview that aired during the regular scheduled show, Drew asked Stacy to just show yourself. That his belief is, is that she went missing to be with another man. Blah……….Blah……..Blah! Same stuff only a different day!

Drew Peterson is keeping with his story, and his lie is extraordinary! He had lied about it so much that he really believes it happened!

I also did not attend the vigil but, I prayed for her. I prayed for every woman that has either lost her struggle with an abuser, or is in an abusive situation currently. I know there are so many other Drew Peterson’s out there. Too many to count.

I will continue to follow the case as Will County and IL States’s Attorney has said that we will have an outcome soon, a resolution to one of the cases. I cannot wait. Or will this be another OJ case? As I said before will Drew Peterson go in on gun charges instead? Similar to OJ. We will see soon.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony Cooking Up Another Scheme?

Poor, poor Casey Anthony what will you do? The child is still missing, you’re still  telling lies, the situation the same,  Said Casey Oh what, Oh what shall I do?  I know I’ve got it- lie again! Perhaps if the cops let me go galiventing, oops I might even stumble upon a clue, and I might even be deemed the hero for helping find the clue to lead them to my daughter! He-He snicker,snicker! I’m a genius!

Sound crazy? Sound far-fetched? Yes it does to us, But to Casey who wants to be the center of the universe maybe not so much of a stretch!  The cops know she is whacked, but lets see how this will play out. Maybe she tripped on something she said, and she figures this might be a way to throw them off course again. She is smug, she is unbelievable cold and callous, and no one out there feels sorry for her (I hope). Especially now as she suddenly is asking to go on search teams with the cops. She is trying desperately to find out the evidence so she can make her next crazy move. Good Luck Casey try to wriggle out, see if you can. The cops are playing your game!

Tax payers who’s footing this outrageous bill? Everyone should be protesting!

Another day, another scheme. A day in the life of Casey Anthony!

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Once Again, Casey Anthony

This blog is not an official rant about the Anthony Case blog, but AS The World Turns once again. What can I say, the story continues to grab hold of the heartstrings and tug pretty hard. You would have to be dead not to respond to the daily tracking of what is being released to the media. whether it’s you and your office comrades standing around the water cooler, or gossips girls on the phone; we are compelled.

Casey Anthony and the pictures of the fiance, as Caylee was born, as seen on Nancy Grace were a scene out of everyones’ front room. Christmas tree in the background, everyone relaxing on the couch, and there is Casey Anthony in blond, smiling, and enjoying what looks like family time for the later would-be stripper pole dancer. Sadness strikes however, when the young laddie is told after paternity test oops yo no the daddy! Sorry my bad!  I felt awful as anyone who has a son could know that this type thing happens all too often. Hopefully as we watched the very christian sounding father of a son who wants to do the right thing. I say good for you to have raised such a great person as your son.

And all while vested hearts are on the sleeves of the once boyfriend, they continue to have hopes that Caylee will be found and that this is just a nightmare. It is shocking to have once known someone who you thought that you knew deeply and that person is not the person you knew. Something happened, or was just “expanding”. When the guilty get trapped, they scratch, lie, cheat, and steal to save themselves. It looks as if Casey Anthony’s world was closing in on her. All the lies were finally catching up. We hope for the greatest outcome of all(the girl is found smiling, happy, and was just visiting someone somewhere).

I will continue to monitor this case, and blog on it as the changes happen. Just my thoughts, just my opinion and always in a  conversationalTone, Mary Caliendo