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Update on George Anthony!

Breaking news update on George Anthony.

He was reported missing and was found in a Daytona Beach Hotel room about one hour ago! His condition is not known. Florida has an act that the state can hold an individual in a facility if they appear to be a threat to themselves. How long the state can hold him is unclear as well.  A report is out that states Jose Baez/ or person from his legal staff told Casey Anthony what had transpired. No word as to her condition either. Nothing has been reported about who phoned in the missing person call or to Cindy Anthony’s condition!

It was reported that text messages were being recieved from George stating something to the effect ” that my granddaughter is dead, Casey is in jail and that George wanted to end it!”   Shame on you Casey Anthony!  Look at all your handy work!

No one wins here! This is very sad! Unless George would no longer be able to testify??! Then this would be criminal! We will see what else will transpire in this case, as soon as more reports come out!  Signing off. 12:04 PM est. time.

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Mary Caliendo