Blagojevich On Tour !

Disgraced Governor Blagojevich is currently “doing a tour” of shows for the expressed interest of swaying the general public on himself and his character and that of his job and finally recusing himself in the face of charges that he enacts “pay to play” schemes. He is accused of trying to sell the vacated  Senate seat of Barack Obama.

He has the right to not appear at the trial of his Senate Impeachment. He claims that it is not fair and that he cannot get a fair trial. His attorney’s did agree with them not showing up to the trial, and to boycott because the attorney’s could not mount a defense. Because they cannot know the identities of some of those who have appeared by way of voice on the tapes.  But only days ago lead attorney Edward  Genson resigned altogether as his attorney. Stating that the reason is that the beleaguered Governor would not listen to him.

Sam Adam, Jr. and his father Sam Adam, Sr. continue to back the Governor and will continue to represent him during the criminal trial when that takes place.

Most pundits believe that Blagojevich should make an appearance before the Senate to tout his case and state his opinions there instead of appearing on TV. But when he started to quote himself with the likes, of Martin Luther King, Jr.,Mandella, and Ghandi, I took a bit umbrage!  I think that is ridiculous!  And finally what is the most ridiculous thing of all, is this PR firm that is setting his plan of action, also represent the likes of Drew Peterson with whom we all know has a problem looking good in the public.

Gosh, I am so happy that I don’t work for a firm that wants me to improve the image of a man who is not worthy of it!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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