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Very Drew Peterson Update

As many of you have followed my site for a long time, you may have seen my true disdain for Mr. Drew Peterson. I have a small update I’d like to report.

It goes as follows:

The Third District Appellate Court has upheld the guilty verdict and 38 year prison sentence placed on Drew Peterson. He was found guilty of drowning his estranged wife, 40 year old Kathleen Savio in March of 2004.

Also Peterson still faces charges of solicitation of murder for hire and solicitation of murder.

The complaint is that, Peterson, behind bars, secured an unnamed person to find another person to kill Will County State’s Attorney James Glascow.

To the circus clown that thought he was the teflon don~ how are you liking the view?

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions and always in a ConversationalTone.


Body Found Is it Stebic/Peterson!

Breaking news!  Remains found in Channahon, IL this afternoon!  Is it the body of either missing mother Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson?

An autopsy will be performed tomorrow at 9:00 AM on the found remains. Investigators are being very tight-lipped about this. A clean up crew from Moline, Il were on the scene helping to remove the remains.  The Illinois State Police had only this to say, We are hoping to give a little bit of closure to one family.  Workers on the scene thought the remains were that of a female, but the investigators would not venture publicly to say that without confirmation of the autopsy.

I will keep close to events tied to this. P.S. I hope the two major men tied to the Plainfield/Bolingbrook IL  missing women are listening closely to what is going on!

Updates as they happen!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

No Death Penalty Sought For Casey Anthony?!

It appears that the State of Florida is not going to seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony!  The State of Florida is somewhat progressive in handing out the death penalty. With the overwhelming evidence, circumstantial or not, and the fact that the police are saying that Casey did intentionally kill her daughter Caylee, it is a wonder why they are not seeking the highest attainable sentence.

Casey in court shackled in chains, and very stoic in facial expressions. Only once did she show expression to her lawyers.  It also appears that Terry Lenamon has artfully created an “out” for Casey Anthony. By trying to say that Casey Anthony accidentally caused the death of Caylee Anthony!  It is outrageous! But after all folks, that is his job, to come in and “save” the life of his client.

The prosecution does/and can still go after the murder 1 charge if they so wish. Today the judge did not block the tape recorded incident that happened in jail after the announcement of the finding of the bones of the child. Apparently Casey Anthony doubled-over and began to hyperventilate! The opinion is that Casey Anthony’s reaction is one that is common when a sense of fear sets in. Also the judge did not block other racy-type pictures allegedly out there that will be brought into court as further evidence. That evidence shows that Casey is not suffering from any type of depressive mood disorders.

So while there is movement in this case, it is far from being tried and I am sure that more and more evidence will be brought forth in this case that the public is not aware of, and will prove to be very interesting in the end of all of this.

Cindy and George Anthony were seated in the court room directly behind Casey. I am sure that this is good for Cindy and George as part of their immediate healing process. To be there at least close to Casey where glass is not between them. This is a terrible way to begin the healing process, but the acceptance of the fact that Casey has done this to Caylee may be the start. And going back into the public arena and show the love of a daughter; even a bad seed, is a bond that cannot be broken. Making some sort of peace with everything will help them in the end.

More to come……

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony Evidence Matches!

The Orange County States Attorney let out damning evidence that links the crime scene directly to the Anthony home and the crime scene!

The same kind of duct tape on gas can that was on Caylee, the sticker(and gum residue) that was on the duct tape was found in the Anthony home. The sticker sheet  that was found was an identical match with stickers missing out of it! Also and very mind boggling was the entry in Casey’s diary that states she is the happiest she has been in a long time, and she hopes that her happiness lasts! Among other things written one month to the day that Caylee was reported missing! It shows the state of mind of Casey!  In this diary she does not ever mention Caylee, it is all about herself as she refers to herself (I) throughout the diary. And finally the garbage bag that contained the body of Caylee was also found in the Anthony home.

It looks that this is even more evidence that Jose Baez will not be able to refute!  Finally evidence that directly can tie Casey to the crime scene itself!  Jose Baez cannot say he cannot trust the FBI lab anymore. It would not be responsible as a lawyer. He needs to present a case in which he can plead for her life instead.

In a cold and callous way the mother destroyed the life of her only child, and then her next step was to get rid of her and that she did! It appears she stuck her in the trunk, and drove and drove. Spotting Zenaida Gonzalez’s name and began to construct her plan. And continuing in her cold and callous way she finally “dropped” her precious cargo near the only place she knew-her home! And then with her head held high she continued to be cold and callous while the baby laid out in a grassy lot slowly decomposing, how could she had been so cold and nasty?  Why would she take this route, so many other options were open to her.   I pray for the soul of Casey, the ice princess, as the satanic reaper carts her to the darkest place known to exist. And then my prayers and thoughts turn to the angel gone way too soon, and I pray she did not hurt. I pray that she just slept peacefully. Bless the family of Casey they could not have ever known!  It is not your fault that the child went wayward!  I pray for peace as your fingerprints have exonerated you all.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Caught with “Contraband”!

Yesterday, supposedly Jose Baez dropped off clothes to the jail for Casey Anthony. I’m not sure why Casey Anthony would be receiving clothes other than dressing for court, what else does she need?  Inmates have clothes and  socks. Guards though, came up with an interesting find, inside one of the socks was a purple “find Caylee” bracelet! Did it get there by accident or was it placed there?

Perhaps it was a message from mamma. You know how moms stick little notes or goodies inside their childs’ lunchbox, perhaps Cindy didn’t do that all those growing up years, or perhaps it was just a gentle little way Cindy chose to let Casey know she’s thinking of her or maybe Cindy wants her to think about Caylee. Or worse and much more sinister-perhaps it was a code for something!

Well, Jose Baez knows better as a lawyer, but he was admonished and the jail “let it go” saying that it is forbidden for lawyers or anyone to be giving gifts of anything to the inmates. The bracelet was confiscated.

In other developments regarding the Anthony case/ or Anthony family: George is voluntarily staying in the Halifax hospital on his own volition, he will check out of there when he is ready.

Jose Baez still talking about how he feels pressure that the press and people that are dispelling rumors and saying “bad” things about him. He hates that his children will see/hear things. Although he says he is just doing his job, and trying to do it well.  Blah..Blah….Blah…same stuff and different day!

No word from Cindy or Lee Anthony. Caylee still sits in funeral home and no plans have been made for funeral/memorial service. The defense is done with the second autopsy.

And finally, Baez and his team is back out in the scene of the crime, as his motion was granted on friday. I am personally wondering why the team did not go out there right away after prosecution was done. It seems strange that he(Baez) claims that his botanists wanted to look at the spot where Caylee once was so long after everyone is done looking at the scene. Hopefully the prosecution has someone out there with those people, to oversee what is taking place. If any evidense will be found on the part of the defense it will be extremely suspicious!

Perhaps there will be enough pressure from Baez to Casey that she may come clean and confess. Here’s hoping!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Christina Raines Tells AM Show It’s a Stunt!

 Open letter to Christina Raines.       Dear Christina,                                    What was a stunt?  The fact that you were living with him, and were taken by him and his promises? You were there,and now you found out what this man was all about!  You need to get help from 3rd party not just Dad!  Please make sure that you don’t ever get mixed up with this kind of slime again. This man has been to the underbelly of it all, and he turns on the charm just when he needs to. I am glad it dawned on you before you got deeply hurt or worse!


All women of the world

Here’s the rest of the blog…Listening to the frightened little girl on the morning show tell us all that it was a stunt that Drew Peterson is involved with to keep him in the media and looking good!  He stinks and this is as low as you go!  Oh well could we have expected any less, I doubt it!  From now on I really hope the only coverage of Drew Peterson that takes place will be either the court proceedings or the sentencing!  C’mon Mr. Glasgow when can we hope to see/hear of the news about Drew Peterson!

Shame, shame on us all for reporting on the movements of Drew Peterson and his sneaky slime ball team of lawyers. If you’ll risk the hurting of an innocent you will do anything to keep him out of jail.  P.S.( this is for his lawyers in case they might be reading this)No one believes that Drew is innocent! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

2nd George Anthony Update!

More reports coming out on George Anthony. He was considered stable and was taken to a hospital named Halifax; in which the hospital/state can hold him for 72 hours.

Police tracked him by way of cell pings, and cops on the street that found his car. As a comment by (adamsmommy-wordpress blogger), stated thank goodness someone did not wait a month until reporting him missing. Police said he was very cooperative though was despondent. He had a half written suicide note.

He continues to be considered a witness in the Caylee Anthony case. As he was a cop himself could prove to be the greatest witness/or the worse which ever way you look at your glass; half empty or half full! He smelled death before and smelled that smell of death in his daughters’ car. He is on tape telling the police in Orange County that once you smell that you will never forget that!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Update on George Anthony!

Breaking news update on George Anthony.

He was reported missing and was found in a Daytona Beach Hotel room about one hour ago! His condition is not known. Florida has an act that the state can hold an individual in a facility if they appear to be a threat to themselves. How long the state can hold him is unclear as well.  A report is out that states Jose Baez/ or person from his legal staff told Casey Anthony what had transpired. No word as to her condition either. Nothing has been reported about who phoned in the missing person call or to Cindy Anthony’s condition!

It was reported that text messages were being recieved from George stating something to the effect ” that my granddaughter is dead, Casey is in jail and that George wanted to end it!”   Shame on you Casey Anthony!  Look at all your handy work!

No one wins here! This is very sad! Unless George would no longer be able to testify??! Then this would be criminal! We will see what else will transpire in this case, as soon as more reports come out!  Signing off. 12:04 PM est. time.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

George Anthony Missing/Found/Suicide Attempt?

Breaking News!    Breaking News!   It’s 11:27 a.m. est. and the report came down that George Anthony was reported missing and was aparently suicidal!!  A report following that also said he has been found located in a local hotel room.  No other news has been made public at this time!

Will report on this as more news comes down!  The case of poor Caylee Anthony continues to get ever worse as time goes on!

This is a sad state of affairs!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Being Ordered to Court!!!

Breaking News!       Breaking  News!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Prosecutors today argue for the appearance of Casey Anthony in court!  Defense attorney Jose Baez stated that when he asked her to appear today, she refused!   Prosecutors are in the right making the claim for her to appear. The court needs to have it down for record that the person need to say it in the courts presence and in front of the judge that she refuses to appear.  What happens in this case can set precedence in all other cases in the future!

The judge is cocurrring that her presence be in the court room today!!

The motion being brought today, that photos, x-rays, and other evidenury items cannot be brought out of state.

But first Casey Anthony is being ordered to court within the half hour!!!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo